Hope for the Future and Our Part in It

shoes3I wrote a Pair of Cleat back in 2009 called “The Homelanders Rebellion.”  The gist was how safe and sanitized this upcoming generation is and will that lead to some brave decisions to really live their faith. One favorite line of mine, “Many youth ministry decisions have been made to give teens a safe place and we’ve offered them a safe God in those safe places. Again, with good intentions. But as Mr. Beaver’s famous line about Aslan is, “’Course he isn’t safe. But he’s good. I’m not contradicting the great resource book, Better Safe Than Sued, here. We need to make safe decisions so teens don’t get injured on our watch. But our teens do not need a safe God.”

The Homelanders is becoming the name of choice for those born after 9/11. The oldest members are now entering middle school. A culture watcher, Matt Straz, has created a list of characteristics for Homelanders for MediaPost.com. This one characteristic gets me very excited. It is:

“Loyal soldiers. Like the Silent Generation that followed the heroic GI Generation, Homelanders will operate in the shadow of the massive Millennial generation. As a result, the Homeland generation will lack leadership opportunities and may not produce any U.S. presidents. But they will play an important role in history. Like the Apollo astronauts, Homelanders will execute the grand plans of their Millennial leaders.”

This can be a mantra for the next years of youth ministry. “Homelanders will execute the grand plans of their Millennial leaders.” We are raising these solid souls who are going to be a part of grand and world-changing ways. What a privilege we have and what a good time to be in youth ministry.

Read the rest of the characteristics at read.   Well worth the read.

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Brenda Seefeldt began life in youth ministry in 1981. That is before the internet, YouTube, texting and even before PowerPoint. (But it was after flannel boards.) Brenda has written and shared much of what she has learned through the resource of Wild Frontier and in many youth ministry publications as she continues on in youth ministry. Brenda is a brave one. She stutters yet is a national speaker. She loves teaching so much she’s also been a substitute teacher for over 20 years. She’s brave enough to enter any classroom at a middle school. She also simply loves teaching groups, whether they are teens or adults. Due to the many years of youth ministry, Brenda has “coached” many grown teens in dating. She finds herself very opinionated on that with lots to share. Brenda loves her God-given family–four sons and 4 grandchildren. They are God-given, not birthed. That alone is a brave story, one she tells here and there as the story really belongs to her sons.

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