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crazywriterMy music tastes have drastically changed through the years. Well, sort of.

Before fifth grade, I didn’t really listen to music on my own. It was pretty much whatever was playing in my parents’ car, and also High School Musical. Well, I was introduced to music (and YouTube) with “Fireflies” by Owl City. Then in sixth grade, I got into Justin Bieber. That was all I listened to–Fireflies and Justin Bieber. By seventh grade, I had branched out into One Direction, Bruno Mars, and even some rap. Don’t judge me.

In eighth grade, I had this music-changing realization that pitch-correction exists. That drove me away from pretty much all pop music ever (which is sad, because there is some good pop out there). I wanted music that I could relate to, so I got into the screaming “there is no love” stuff. Also some classic rock, which is good. But mostly the darker stuff. I developed an unnatural hatred for the music I used to listen to, and I liked to shove in people’s faces that I hated what they listened to and that they should stop. I did that for several reasons. Here are some (not in any order).

I was ashamed of my old self and wanted to destroy any remnant of who I was.
I was angry with myself and wanted something to take it out on.
I was angry at everything and everyone.

I want to make it clear that I no longer care what other people listen to. If someone loves One Direction, or even Nicki Minaj, I’ll let them do that. Everyone has different preferences, and criticizing them for liking a different genre or style would be like criticizing them for wearing a different brand of clothing. I’m not an angry little fireball anymore. Live your life how you see fit.

Back to the music. By the end of eighth grade, my music tastes softened, along with my heart. I got back into Coldplay (always been a Coldplay fan, always will be) and into some New Age-y relaxing music. That stuff is beautiful! I discovered The Eagles, Chicago, Bob Seger, and others through listening to the radio.

Now, I like almost anything. I don’t typically listen to the screaming, angsty stuff anymore, but I’ll give it credit for being well-done. My attempt to destroy my old self only ended up broadening my tastes, which are now quite eclectic. Bread is still the best, though. I love their sweet, melodramatic melodies. I’ve always had a romantic and borderline melodramatic personality. Bread appeals to that side of me. I also love Coldplay. Listening to Coldplay makes me feel like I’m flying.

Okay, and a confession. I like the song “Wrecking Ball” by Miley Cyrus. Sometimes we all like that one song that we don’t have a reason for liking, but we just like.

I’ve got to get back to listening to Bread. And eating bread. And bread pudding. Yeah, I just really like bread, don’t I?

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