Reading Netflix

Crazy Scotty“So I’ve been watching Daredevil lately.”
“Yeah, and like, because of all my English classes I’m always looking for symbolism everywhere…”
“That sucks.”
“I mean, you can’t just enjoy it.”
“Well, it’s actually enhanced my enjoyment.”
“I’ve noticed different stuff. Like the fact that Matt can’t see, but he has a clearer sense of justice than his best friend…whose name is Foggy.”


“Huh. Okay.
“And like, why is Matt Murdock a lawyer? Because justice is blind!”

daredevil“Ha! That makes sense.”
“Plus I’m always looking for the color red, because I don’t know. That’s got to be significant somehow. It’s pretty cool.”
“That is pretty cool.”
“I’ve been thinking about writing a blog about it.”
“You should.”

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His name is Scotty Meiser. His life is hard to categorize, so here are some bullet-points: He is a pastor’s son. He has been a Christian camp counselor for five years. He was born long and thin, and has more or less stayed that way. He sings songs. He acts. He has edited Wikipedia. He and his friend wrote a mariachi song about Canada. As a child, he ate so many carrots his skin turned orange. He hates Seventeen Magazine. He’s a junior at Cairn University in Langhorne, PA. He has no idea where his life is headed It is from this view, Scotty shares his world.

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