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bebraveJust passing a link to a story that excited me and got my Wild Frontier gears shifting.  I hope this makes your Wild Frontier gears shift too.

My husband’s new job is going to take us to Europe often for the next year or two.  His peers, our dinner companions are clearly “post-Christian” people.  They will not be impressed that I am a pastor or that he is a worship leader.  They will have no context for what that is.  At least here in America there is context, though too often a negative one.

So what if we simply friend these people (easy and done) and watch what they learn from us because we are the minority?  My gears are in action…read more.

Blessings of a Post-Christian Culture

“Not long ago, I was sitting at the boardroom table of the Portland, Oregon mayor’s office. This was the office of Sam Adams, the gay mayor who made history when he was elected to the highest office of a large American city. We were there to discuss church-city partnerships.

“We had just come from spending the day at inner-city Roosevelt High School. The school’s campus had been transformed through its partnership with a large suburban church. The partnership included food, clothing, mentoring, sports, and beautification programs. As of today, there are 250 such church-school partnerships all around the city of Portland. Some churches even have offices inside public school buildings. Infiltration, intrusion, incarnation—call it what you will.

“But that is just the beginning.”

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What if…  Be brave.

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Brenda Seefeldt began life in youth ministry in 1981. That is before the internet, YouTube, texting and even before PowerPoint. (But it was after flannel boards.) Brenda has written and shared much of what she has learned through the resource of Wild Frontier and in many youth ministry publications as she continues on in youth ministry. Brenda is a brave one. She stutters yet is a national speaker. She loves teaching so much she’s also been a substitute teacher for over 20 years. She’s brave enough to enter any classroom at a middle school. She also simply loves teaching groups, whether they are teens or adults. Due to the many years of youth ministry, Brenda has “coached” many grown teens in dating. She finds herself very opinionated on that with lots to share. Brenda loves her God-given family–four sons and 4 grandchildren. They are God-given, not birthed. That alone is a brave story, one she tells here and there as the story really belongs to her sons.

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