An Object Lesson Using Pomegranates

Creating memories happens better when you engage in one or all five of our senses. An idea you can use…

Taste, Touch

A pomegranate can become a great object lesson allowing students to fully engage their senses of taste and touch.  There are several possibilities for using pomegranates in lessons, but I have used them in the context of experiencing God versus just knowing about God.

One pomegranate is usually enough for 12 to 15 students.  Begin by showing the pomegranate and ask students who do not already know to guess what it looks like on the inside.  After a few responses, break it open and ask them how they think you’re supposed to eat it.  Break it into several pieces and pass it around telling them to pull the pulpy seeds out and enjoy.  Make sure to have plenty of napkins. 

While their hands and mouths are occupied, talk to them about how much better it is to experience the joy of eating a pomegranate than to sit around wondering what it is like.

Steven Turner, Youth Minister at Chestnut Grove Church, Virginia