Location Prayer Experience in the Church Building

Creating memories happens better when you engage in one or all five of our senses. An idea you can use…

Touch, Seeing

Write out church-specific prayer requests on cards and hide them throughout your church building.  Create a set of cards for each group, maybe incorporating color, so each group (no more than 5) can know which card is theirs.  On each card, write out the actual prayer and a position for prayer.  Some ideas are:

•    Mission map - Pick out a missionary for each team and give them a specific request from that missionary.  Have the team place their hand on the map on the country as they pray.

•    Nursery – Have them all pick out a toy and sit on the floor.  Have them hold the toy and pray a specific prayer for the babies.
•    Altar – Have them get on their knees and pray a specific prayer for the life of the church family.
•    Worship Center – Have them sit in a chair and pray a specific request from people in the church family.

You may want to create a scavenger hunt game by creating clues for them to figure out for each location.  Or you may simply give them a list of places to go and in what order.