Styrofoam Cup Family Structures

Creating memories happens better when you engage in one or all five of our senses. An idea you can use…

Touch, Seeing

This simple activity is a great way for a small group leader get to know each teen’s family situations better. You will need approximately a dozen Styrofoam cups per person and markers.

Hand out one Styrofoam cup to every person for every person in his/her immediate family.  Hand out markers and have them draw faces and label each cup to identify each member of their family.  Encourage them to be creative.

When done, have each teen introduce their family structures using the cups.  For instance, if their parents are separated or divorced, dad and mom would be on separate sides.  If their families are still together they would all be in the same group. Any stepparents would be on their parent’s side along with any stepsiblings.  Any birth brother and sisters who travel back and forth with them would be included with his/her cup.  If living with friends or grandparents, they can be included too. Pets can be included if wanted.  Have them explain how much time is spent at each home as well.

Hint for each leader:  Be observant on how they draw them and their body language as they explain their family dynamics.

Krista Smith, author of The Big D, and volunteer at River of Life Evangelical Church, Minnesota