Creating memories happens better when you engage in one or all five of our senses. An idea you can use…


I was in the process of planning a youth service about how the teens are all masterpieces of God’s handiwork.  I met a girl in the youth group who usually sits by herself and doesn’t talk much to anyone. 

I also noticed that she was an incredible artist so I approached her wondering if she could draw someone in the service while I was teaching. 

This girl came back the next week with this huge smile on her face and said she would do it and that she had already picked the person to she wanted to draw.  So while I taught and also while the small groups convened, this girl drew a portrait of this other girl--and she had no idea of this.  At the end of the service, she received this beautiful portrait from the artist.  Both girls were blessed in a memorable way and my lesson was taught with an even better twist with this visual blessing. 
Mike Metkowski, Director of Student & Family Ministries, River of Life, Minnesota,