Anger Prayers

Creating memories happens better when you engage in one or all five of our senses. An idea you can use…

Hearing, Touch, Seeing

Assign some of your teens to read a psalm that express anger and challenge to God, such as Psalm 88:12-18. 
After a moment of silence, invite all of the teens to find a spot on the graffiti-style on paper which has been posted on the walls. Invite them to write their own prayers of anger for the injustices in the world. Music may or may not be playing in the background. Sometimes music can enhance, sometimes music can distract. Your choice as you know your group.

Close with a music worship set but allow everyone to roam the room to read the walls as the worship is being led. Allow for times of silent prayer and corporate prayer.

Keep the graffiti up for a week or two but do not let it stay up for too long.