Praying in Color

Creating memories happens better when you engage in one or all five of our senses. An idea you can use…

Touch, Seeing

“Let us bow our heads in prayer…” For many of us, including the teens, you bow your head, shut your eyes and…and, think about how your ankle itches? Or do you start to think about a video game or simply doze off! Praying in color has blessed my prayer life and some of the teens have also grown to love this way to pray.   Sybil MacBeth wrote about this method in her book, Praying in Color. 

Each stroke of my pencil is intimately part of the prayer. I can allow my emotions free reign by slapping on some color, using bold strokes or soft shadings. The colors that you choose can help you feel the emotions.  My drawings, when I pray in color, are fairly simple, but you can be as complex as you feel led to be. Whether you draw in abstract or draw to realistic detail, you are expressing yourself to the Lord in prayer.  I know some teens even do this digitally.  The book easily teaches and it is a wonderful way to pray that will help you stay focused on your prayer to the Father.  

Debbie Smith, Christian Artists’ Fellowship,