Literally Standing in the Gap

Creating memories happens better when you engage in one or all five of our senses. An idea you can use…

Touch, Seeing

We’ve been “gifted” a large wooden cross on a stand.  During a “solemn assembly” that our church called, I came up with this prayer exercise using our cross.   

I placed the cross in the center of the room.  On the four walls of the room I hung posterboard.  Each wall was labeled: “Prayer for the World,” “Prayer for Friends,” “Prayer for Church Family,” “Prayer for Manassas.” 

At the appointed time, I gave everyone (this included parents) a marker and time to go to each posterboard and write down needs that pertained to that posterboard.

Then I gathered everyone back together and explained that intercession means to stand in the gap between God and someone in need.  I further explained that we are going to pray and stand in the gap in prayer for these needs listed.  Everyone was instructed to form a line by holding hands between the posterboard and the cross. Whomever was closest to the posterboard read off the prayer requests and began the prayer.  The next person and the next person and so on could either add to the prayer or squeeze the hand til everyone had a chance to pray for the needs listed with the last person being the one who is touching the cross.

After one wall is finished, have everyone rearrange being sure to encourage different people to be touching the posterboard and the cross. 

Close by talking about this experience.  Be sure to hear from both the parents and the teens as they may have different insights to share.