The Candles in Your Life

Creating memories happens better when you engage in one or all five of our senses. An idea you can use…

Touch, Seeing

In preparation you will need a large supply of birthday candles and an undecorated yet frosted sheet cake.  

Ask the group, who has been a light in your life? Who has shared with you a better understanding of God? Continue on by saying, "Today we will celebrate the candles in our lives."  Instruct the group that at the front there are boxes of birthday candles and a large undecorated frosted sheet cake. Invite everyone to think of at least one person who has been a light in their lives. To honor that person, light a candle and place that into the cake.  Give everyone a chance to light at least one candle.  If others want to do a second and third, give them that chance too if time allows.  

Draw everyone's attention to the cake.  Maybe even turn out the lights.   Take notice at how the cake glows. Make a clear point that you may feel like a little light in the big world but if we are all such lights for other people like the ones you thought of as you added a candle, we can be this bright together.