Writing Personal Psalms

Creating memories happens better when you engage in one or all five of our senses. An idea you can use…

Touch, Hearing

Psalms is a favorite book in the Bible, perhaps because it is the one book that so personally touches us throughout the many emotions a lifetime brings.  

This is a writing assignment that can personally touch the pain of your teens and teach them about this book of Psalms.  Give everyone a piece of paper and pen.  Teach on how each Psalm is basically made up of 5 parts:


a. call God by name(s)

b. ask God for something you thought you deserved

c. tell God why you thought you deserved it

d. call down vengeance on those who already have it

e. give thanks to God

Now release everyone to write their own personal psalm.  Allow them space and time to do this.

Bring everyone back together and ask several to read their psalms aloud.  Some will be funny.  Many will be painful.  To be able to put that pain into words--even psalm words--will be memorably and healing for some. Teach from those powerful moments that you will have.