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Free Downloadable Resources

Flash Cards for Dating Daughter

This printable pack of flash cards contains 34 flashcards to run through with a teen to help them not get involved in an abusive dating relationship.   At various times bring them out and do a run-through.  The cards may seem obvious.  They only require a "yes" or "no" answer.  The participant will certainly roll her eyes, possibly groan, and very likely will slump her shoulders.  As silly as this exercise may seem, this time together will cling in her memory—especially when she needs to remember this stuff the most.


Back-to-School Goals

Bringing school and faith together is one of the principles of Wild Frontier youth ministry.   This is a talksheet designed to be given to each of your teens after they have received their new school schedules.  After each youth has filled this out, it provides a platform for you to meet with each youth to talk about their hopes and fears of the new school year mixed with their personal goals for their academics as well as bringing their faith and school life together.  The information gathered will also give you purposed questions you can ask each youth throughout the school year.


Faith Shaping Tasks

A youth ministry generation ago, Stephen D. Jones wrote a book, Faith Shaping, which defined  Faith Shaping Tasks which describe the way faith grows in children and teens and the role adults play in the shaping of faith.  We’ve updated these tasks and mixed in Wild Frontier thinking.  Not only will the reader gain simple yet transformative insight into the role of a youth leader, the reader will enjoy reading and reminiscing about how his/her faith has been shaped.  This download is a great youth ministry tool to encourage everyone in his/her personal ministry and provides a great framework to discuss and train volunteer staff.  As a bonus, three practical ideas to apply these Faith Shaping Tasks in a youth group setting have also been included.

Labels Are For Jars

Every youth group seems to have the same problem–cliques.  This problem is not  just a problem for small youth groups or for large youth groups.  It is in all youth groups.  Newcomers feel like outsiders.  Certain youth feel they are always left out.  There are continual relationship crises to solve.  And youth workers feel like pulling their hair out because this problem is so constant and prevalent that it gets blamed for the group not growing and for the hindering of what God could do with this youth group, everything the youth workers want to see happen and work hard to facilitate. Cliques are like this forever ceiling.

This is a two-lesson youth meeting discussion that covers this tired topic with a new twist.  But Wild Frontier is not the originator of this new twist.  The twist comes from a then-18-year old, Aisha Muharrar, who wrote a clever book called More Than a Label: Why What You Wear and Who You’re With Doesn’t Define Who You Are.  Get the book and read it for yourself.  And download this free lesson and pray and see what God does in your youth group.

Location Lessons

Teaching faith creatively is one of the principles of Wild Frontier youth ministry.  This download is a collection of locations and lesson ideas (used by actual youth groups) to inspire  you to take your group outside of your youth room walls for memorable teaching that uses all of the five senses in the learning process.



Retreat Planner

Retreats are a part of youth ministry and require a lot of work.  This download is as complete of a retreat planner as possible.  All of the information is taken from a meeting with a youth pastor, a retreat speaker, and a camp director.  They sat down and thought of every known detail that may need to be taken care of.  All three viewpoints were considered as they cooperated in the making of this Retreat Planner.

Also included are several appendices with sample retreat rules, a sample schedule, games, worship ideas, and retreat handouts.

Rites of Passages

Much has been said and written about the lack of rites of passage for teens these days.  This is a resource for a youth ministry to use to give you tools to actually do something to recognize each life stage in a teen’s and young adult’s life.

Each life stage has two columns of ideas.  One column is for the youth worker to do something and one column is for the parent.  This download makes a great resource for the youth worker and an even better resource for the youth worker to give to the parent.

Spiritual Checkup

Using the different parts of a physical (as in what is required for school sports), this 6-page handout is designed to be given to your teens to do their own checkup of their spiritual lives.  It’s clever but clever in a way to hopefully bring out some honest answers and a direction to help your teens continue to grow in their faith.



A 3×4  is a tried and true meeting idea that provides a safe environment for teens and parents to talk about life issues or faith issues.  Included with the details of this clever meeting format are talk sheets you can easily incorporate to use with your group.  These have been used with “live” teens and parents.  These topics are:


  • Family Rules
  • Those Big Church Words
  • Unstructured Time
  • Honor and Integrity
  • Talking To, Dating, Hooking Up, and Whatever