Throwing Out Matthew 16:24, Mark 8:34, and Luke 9:23

Originally published April 1992

The Bible.Just the title gives it this grand introduction.The pages have this sacred thinness which gives a mystical sound when they are turned. The smell from the leather cover indicates its grandeur.Then there are the words, those nuggets of truth to live by.A soothing balm to comfort the troubled soul.Light upon the dark path of life.So we approach the Bible (most often in our troubled times) as this mystical book for the help we need.

Sometimes the above happens for me.The Word of God did bring comfort to my troubled soul and it was a glorious feeling—like God and I truly connected.Sometimes that happens.


Originally published November 1991

“Fear not for I am with you” is used over 350 times in the Bible.It is the most often used phrase.Often times the repetition of it serves as a comfort to us as we walk out our walk with Christ.Yet somehow this repetition still does not sink into our whole being.Too many youth ministries are controlled by fear.Walk through this with me as I explain this.

Have your youth ever asked you why there are so many Protestant denominations?If all denominations worship the same God, what makes “them” different?

Living in Your Holy Tension

Originally published April 15, 2010.

Jesus healed the woman with the disease that caused her to bleed.Not much is known about this woman.Not even a name.But what this woman did remained clear in people's minds.Three of the four gospels have recorded what she did.They missed her name but they did not miss what she daringly did.

First some-back story.For twelve years she suffered from some disease that caused her to bleed.For twelve long years she suffered.If I suffer past a couple of days people hear about it.God hears about it.My husband hears about it.My tolerance level for suffering is rather low.I am sure that this lady had reached her tolerance level years earlier.