The Value of an Organized Workspace

Originally published November 15, 2009.

I am honored to be one of the authors included in The Youth Worker Book of Hope.It is a book of real situations experienced by real youth workers.Each story includes honest insight and ideas of the lessons learned (often the hard way) for the purpose of giving hope to other youth workers.That is my favorite part of this book.

But there is one chapter that outright angers me.When you read the book, you will notice that this chapter didn’t even follow the same format of including “Where Things Went Wrong” and “Finding Hope.”That is where the valuable lessons learned are.The chapter that angers me is titled “When Your Office is a Wreck” and the lame insight offered is “A dirty office is really the least of your concerns.”Rightfully, the author offers that time with teens, your spouse and family, and with Jesus are more important than a clean office.But then we are offered this even lamer insight,

Mythbuster #8

Mythbuster #8:  Christians are the type of people who are overweight

Conviction can be a hard thing to be hit by, but it can be a quite positive impact when we respond properly.  I was listening to a top secular radio station in a larger market area when I heard some surprising news.  I learned that recent research has shown that Southern Baptists were the fattest of all denominations and were on average much fatter than the general population.  I had heard this before, but it really sunk in this time.  The show hosts were also going on and on saying stuff like, “I guess since they don’t drink or do anything else, they just stuff their faces.  Everyone has to have a vice.”  I found myself thinking, “Shut up and play some music” because I didn’t like what I was hearing.

Being a Southern Baptist I soon thereafter attended our state convention, and I saw evidence that the research was correct, especially when I looked at my fellow ministers.

Exceptional Moments and Our Standard

Originally published in 1993.

“Never live for those exceptional moments–they are surprises.  God will give us His touches of inspiration only when He sees that we are not in danger of being led away by them.  We must never consider our moments of inspiration as the standard way of life–our work is our standard.”  (Oswald Chambers, My Utmost for His Highest.)

The invitation was handed to me.  I was invited to an “All-Star Party.”  A boy’s invitation to a 14-year old birthday party.  And I was invited.  The irony of the whole situation was that the party was for a boy who had been expelled from the seventh grade three months earlier for selling drugs.  A grown up crime done by someone who is still a boy.