Wrestling for My Inheritance on This Earth

Originally published July 1999.

If God owns the cattle on a thousand hills (Psalm 50:10), why is He such a tightwad? If I had the financial resources, my ministry could do so much more. My life could do so much more. I could do so much more with my time. Every person who desires to see God's will be done on this earth could do so much more. They wouldn't have to be sidetracked to raise funds for this new project. Missionaries could stay on the field because they wouldn't have to come home to itinerate. What more could be done for the kingdom if we weren't limited by financial resources? God possesses it all and dispenses it sparingly.

I asked a friend of mine this same question. His answer was that we do not have the right formula. I didn't like that answer at all. Does that mean if I prayed on my knees, bowed three times, said "Jehovah-Jireh" eight times (or some other formula) that the finances would come pouring down? I don't think so. I believe the prosperity teachings of not to long ago taught us that. Many Christians have left the church because the formula they were taught didn't work.

Living for Jesus Outside of "The System"

Originally published October 1999.

There is a theory that something happens to elected officials once they move to the Washington, DC, area. Somewhere inside the beltway, the continually congested roadways of this metropolis, these representatives of the people change. The very ideals that drove these individuals to enter the politic game and won them the election back home somehow become lost in the hyperactivity of Washington. The further they get into the system, the further their idealism disappeared. Not that they have become corrupt. It is just so hard to work within the system to get their ideals to work.

The similar process happens in church work. My call was birthed out of a deep desire to reach the lost--particularly youth. My heart and my drive so consumed me that I decided to enter full-time ministry. This way I could commit all my time and effort into reaching the lost.

A Future Outlook on Youth Ministry Employment

Originally published June 2004.

In my humble and fearful opinion, there is a big change coming for employment in the youth ministry world.  Youth ministry as we know it will continue in many of the large churches. Those who do corporate-style of youth ministry will continue to be in the forefront and continue to be the publishers of most of the youth ministry resources.  (In a very generic nutshell, corporate-style of youth ministry is the youth pastor as CEO, he/she trains volunteers who then reach the students through small groups or other form.)  But I believe the full-time youth-only pastor position will be available less and less in the coming years. I know many of you know you are truly called into full-time youth ministry.  I fear writing this for those of you.  But this is Wild Frontier with out there and true insight.