This is My Happiness

Originally published in August 1996.

I am happy.I am at a point in my life where I can truly say that I am happy.

How often are we able to say that and really mean it?There is almost a fear in saying it.The fear is that somehow because life sucks and I am happy now, I had better brace myself for the next tragedy.This happiness can’t last for long.Life is about to throw me another bad pass.

What a warped view of life that is yet a lot of Christians live with such thinking.Why can’t Christians be happy and feel guilt-free about it?Yes, we’re happy when we are first saved but then we realize there are trials and tribulations in life again.So we decide to hang in there because we are Christians and we will overcome no matter what.Yet joy doesn’t seem to factor in with that thinking.


Originally published in January 1996.

If you live anywhere on the eastern seaboard, you have recently experienced the “Blizzard of ‘96” and lots and lots of snow.Lots and lots of snow.And this opinion is from someone who grew up in Minnesota and knows what blizzards are like on a regular basis.

I hate winter.I grew up in Minnesota where winters are legendary but that doesn’t make me like winter any better.This is why I hate winter.Everything is dead.There is no color.Just frozen, dead ground; frozen, dead trees; frozen, dead lakes.


Originally published December 1995.

While at our monthly networking meeting with the youthworkers, I became overwhelmed.Our entire agenda at these monthly meetings is prayer.No planning joint events, no swapping ideas.Just prayer.Not even random prayer.We have targets the schools and one school in particular.Since we’ve done this we have begun to hear reports of good changes at that one school including the principal leaving and the start of a weekly teacher prayer meeting.And the school superintendent has asked us to pray for some racial problems our schools are having.Just this man seeking prayer for help is a shocking thing.