Youth Out on a Frontier--But is it God’s Wild One?

Originally published July 2006.

The Wild Frontier lifestyle is one of a life lived beyond human limits.  It is “out there” where supernatural things happen.  We are all drawn to something like that because I believe it is in our nature to want more for ourselves.

Everyone, then, is drawn to the supernatural.  Even teens.  Or especially teens.  Teens are drawn to supernatural experimentation (including things of Christianity) because it gives them a feeling of power over otherwise chaotic circumstances.  And isn’t adolescence one chaotic circumstance after another?  For example, one of the boys from God’s Family sole reason for committing his life to Christ at age 13 was so he and his dad would get along better.  He need something more, something larger than reality, to fix this hopeless situation.  Twelve years later that still has not come to be but his faith is growing into a persevering faith.

The Bummer Realities of Brenda-Centered Youth Ministry

Originally published March 2006.

There was a time in my life when I thought pretty highly of my Brenda-based youth ministry.  I felt alive.  I felt like I was making a dent in this world.  I felt true joy when some teens "got it."  But I also felt tired, overwhelmed, stressed, etc.

Something had to change.  

Something did change.  But first have you ever felt or thought (maybe even voiced) these thoughts?

Scary Packs of Teenagers

Originally published January 2006.

I came across an article about Disney World's Night of Joy.  This is the after-hours event when Disney brings in the best of the best in Christian music for a festive night at the Disney parks for the Christians.  This article uncovered the reason why the author had heard that a good number of Disney World's cast members (employees) refused to work the weekend of Night of Joy. 

According to the author, Jeff Lange, "I couldn't figure out what it was about being assigned to work at the Magic Kingdom on an evening when Christian music is being presented that would cause WDW employees to frantically try and change their schedules. But now I get it.