T-Shirt Soapbox

Originally published December 1999.

What's up with Christian t-shirts lately?

We have our own GAP t-shirt--God Answers Prayer. Yes God does answer prayer but does it have to look like a GAP t-shirt. We have an Old Navy ripoff, Tommy Hellfighter (what?) and Christ looking like Crest toothpaste. True that it is pretty bold to wear a t-shirt that says Christ but it becomes cheesy when it looks like Crest. I have yet to see an Abercrombie & Fitch ripoff (it's got to be out there somewhere). Let me think--Abrahambie & Lot Surf team with just the right fade. Maybe.

This begs the questions. Do Christians not have any originality or creativity? Can we not start our own trends in t-shirt wear? Is the best we can do is to copy and alter what is currently hot? Isn't the God who created all things able to give His children more than enough creativity to create something fabulously new?

Barriers to Preventing Parents Involvement in Youth Ministry

Originally published July 2004.

“When it comes to impacting teenagers for Christ, who’s the superhero and who’s the sidekick?  Well, both Christian and secular researchers say you’re Robin and your kids’ parents are Batman.”  --Rick Lawrence, Group, January/February 2005

1.  The parents need help in raising their own children.  They don’t need to help you to become the cool influence.  Parents do want that out of you but not at their expense.

An Opinion on Cliques

Originally published in October 1994

Here is my often-asked opinion on cliques—I hate them!I hate them!I hate them!I have no interest in dealing with cliques.What a deterrent to Wild Frontier living.Just watch my eyes roll when someone asks me about the problem of cliques.I will answer and help, but my eyes will roll.

Cliques are a piddly thing that destroys God’s plan for youth ministry.In the scheme of Satan’s attacks, cliques are a small speed bump and yet they continually hang up youth ministries and get them sidetracked from what they should be doing.Retreats and lock-ins are devoted to this problem.Most of the time spent dealing with clique situations seemingly wasted time when youth should be out on the Wild Frontier fighting real battles.“For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.”Ephesians 6:10.I hate cliques.Have I said that already?