Revolutionary Truth

Originally published in June 1996.

“Jesus answered, ‘I am the way and the truth and the life.No one comes to the Father except through Me.”John 14:6.

This is a favorite verse of many teachers and preachers.There has been plenty said about Jesus being the Way.You can only get to heaven through Jesus.Not by works, not by status.The lesson of Jesus being the way is very important.

Jesus being the Life is also taught a lot.I know I have taught that a lot.I love the thought of life is more than what you get in heaven.Life is also here on earth.We don’t have to live by Satan’s rules which kill and destroy.We have abundant life—even in trials and tribulations we have a hope that brings life.I love this message!

The part of John 14:6 that is not often preached is Jesus being the Truth.In a world full of lies and deception, there is truth—bottomline and absolute truth.

Jesus being the Truth is not often preached but there is a lot of trouble put out to disprove Jesus being the Truth.A lot of trouble.


Every world religion puts a spin on Jesus to disprove who He is.They all admit He existed, but not as who He is.Occultists, atheists, and whatever “ists” also go to great lengths to distort Jesus.The recent Jesus Seminar brought together every scholarly person who has a different take on Jesus to find the truth about the Man-God.This seminar was featured on the covers of Time, Newsweek, and U.S. News & World Report the same week.(It just happened to be Holy Week also.)Since when does Jesus get so much publicity?Only when He can possibly be distorted.Interesting though, every person interviewed for the Jesus Seminar is on the genuine quest for truth.They want to know who this Jesus is.They will keep looking until they come full-circle back to the Jesus who declared He was the Truth.It is inevitable.I am actually excited about the Jesus Seminar.

Media Research Center just released their report on 1,800 hours of primetime TV programs on the major and minor broadcast networks.While in 1995 the portrayals of religion increased to 287 from 253 in 1994, negative portrayals of “devout laity and of the clergy” grew to 64% versus 35% in 1994. Positive portrayals of devout laity slid from 44% in 1994 to 11% in 1995.(Dispatches, May 8, 1996).People in television, one of the most powerful mediums of persuasion (just ask any pro-homosexual group), are doing their best to distort the truth of Jesus.

Why does Jesus being the Truth need to be distorted?Because truth leads to revolution.

I just finished reading Monster, an autobiography of Kody Scott, one of the early Crips.His story reads of murder, the gangsta life, and the war the Crips have against other Crips (forget the Bloods, they are too busy destroying other Crips).This was until a Muslim started him on the search for truth.While searching he finally saw beyond what he knew, the killing and the war, to the black oppression of the white man.That “truth” led him now to be the revolutionary as he now calls himself.While his truth needs some balance, it led him out of a very destructive lifestyle and led him to expose some of the truth of the Crips.

Nike has this commercial.It is one of those fast-paced, coming-at-you commercials in the background of all the other noise and the pictures coming at you is this phrase, “Revolution is about basketball.Basketball is the truth.”

Can basketball start a revolution?I don’t think so.Just ask the disciples or Martin Luther or any of the other church history greats.But is Nike looking for a revolution?

Revolution after revolution started with the truth being revealed.Even distorted truth has started some distorted revolutions but it started something.It changed the status quo.

Status quo sucks the life out of us.Truth sets us free.

This summer thousands and thousands of youth are not doing the status quo. They are going out all over the world to be missionaries.With the Olympics, we have the world coming to us and many, many youth are going to Atlanta to do what they can to get the truth out. YWAM is not doing the status quo in Olympic outreaches.They are doing all of the security for the Olympic village.This is not status quo missionary work, but it will get the truth out.Thousands and thousands of other youths are planning and praying to see their schools changed beginning with See You at the Pole and beyond.These youth have found the Truth.They have found the Way and the Life too.This Truth has set them free.

I feel the makings of a revolution here.Let’s do all we can to get the truth out.