Life At School

Originally published September 2007.

It’s is back-to-school time.  Time for a schedule change for your teens.  This issue contains some honest insight about life at school for our teens.  These thoughts come from  my 15 years as a substitute teacher at my school, from teens I talk to at school as well as my church youth group and from Scott Greene, a 33-year old youth pastor who actually enrolled himself at a high school for a two-week experiment.  You can read about his experiment at

  • There are a lot of numbers for students to remember.  Especially the first few weeks of the new school year.  All students will get a locker number and then a locker combination for that locker.  They will also get a PE locker with a number as well as another locker combination for that locker.  Each class is assigned a room number which has to be found and traversed to in a span of 3 minutes to 7 minutes. 

It's Time for the Prom Alternative

Originally published June 15, 2011.

Full Disclosure:  I hate prom.  I have since the ‘80s.  This is not new.  Many, many teenagers over the years have heard me pontificate on my hatred of prom.  My reasons:  It’s expensive; it’s overhyped; and for the majority of prom-attenders, the evening is either one of let down and/or regret.  Yet a lot of money, energy, and emotions are expended.  Too many silly distractions and emotions are spent on who is going to ask or do the ask, what dress to buy, can I afford the limo, what to do after the prom, etc.  And sadly, so few teens in reality have that dreamy prom night date and experience.  Too many dislike their dates, are uncomfortable in their shoes, are uncomfortable about what is happening in the limo, and wish the whole night would be over.  Only then to have to go to the after-prom plans which are even more uncomfortable.

Churches Can and Should Fill Nitches Schools No Longer Can Afford

Originally published July 15, 2011.

Last month I challenged how the Church can fill a void in what has become of prom.  There are so many other ways the Church can also fill niches that schools can no longer afford.

Due to No Child Left Behind, public education is going through major changes.  Due to budget slashing, public education is going through even greater changes.  Some programs are outright getting cut while in other school districts parents have to pay for a program that has been traditionally offered through public education such as Advanced Placement Art History, junior varsity golf or fourth-year German.  For a good cursory overview of this, read this Wall Street Journal article:   Free education is no longer free.  And I’m not talking about the taxes we pay to support education.