The Keeper of the Questions

Originally published December 2002.

Q: My mom and dad are divorcing and I am in the middle. What am I to do?
A: Ask Jesus to lead you. He is there for you.

Q: Why does the Bible say this here and this there?
A: God gave us His word. He will reveal it to you.

Q: How could this disaster come into my life? I’ve been serving God diligently.
A: God knows what He is doing. It is all a part of a greater plan.

Teachings That Make Your Youth Evangelizers

Originally published September 2003.

Barna Research Group just released a new report about evangelizers (“49 Million Born Again Adults Shared Their Faith in Jesus in the Past Year,” July 28, 2003). This is the first survey of this type I can remember from them. It comes just in time for the back-to-school “win your campus for Christ” rallies and “campus missionaries” commissioning services. In a nutshell, Barna found out that if you want a church of evangelizers, teach them the Christian foundations.

“A veritable army of Christians is still active in spreading the good news about what Jesus Christ has done for all people. Believers use a range of approaches to share the message of Christ’s love and forgiveness with people regardless of the social restrictions and legal barriers to making Jesus known.

Testimony Time

Originally published February 2001.

Lately my church has been having a testimony time of sorts.  It has not been the traditional testimony time where people stand and share what God has done lately.  The pastors decided that they should take turns giving their life testimonies to the church.

How interesting!  I was surprised to find out that these pastors of mine were sinners–and a couple of them were really bad.  These wise and godly men (both word being very operative in their lives) who I respect and trust with decisions that affect me were not always this way.  And a couple of them would have never made it through my youth program or even into it.

If I had really thought about it, I would have realized that they used to be sinners.  I know we all were and are now sanctified sinners.  But these wise and godly men were sinners.  They are so wise and godly now that I assumed they had to always be that way to become the men that they are now.