Don't Give Me The Stage

Originally published in 2002.

“Don’t put me on a pedestal, just give me a stage.”

No true youth pastor would ever say this. I believe we consciously try to not put ourselves on a pedestal. However, this phrase came from a youth who grew up in a youth ministry. It was her perception of her youth pastor. And isn’t there always some truth in perception?

Another question: How did youth ministry evolve into something with a stage set up? Some youth groups even have soundboards and stage lighting. When did this stage set up be desirous for successful youth ministry? For those who get a say in building a youth room, they most always have a stage built in.

Using All Five Senses

Creating memories and experiences for your teens is one of the bottom-line goals for youth ministry.  It is certainly what we at Wild Frontier have learned over our twenty years of searching and questioning.  Experiencing is also the number one task in Faith Shaping and is at the core of spiritual formation.

Experiencing just so happens to use our senses and frankly, the more the senses are used the better.  Science is proving that the more senses are involved in the learning process, the greater the experience and the greater the memory that is formed.  Since providing memorable experiences is such a large part of youth ministry, I want to encourage you to purposely try to incorporate as many of the fives senses as possible into all that you plan.