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“What if everyone is given a task we’re to work on and if possible complete while we’re living on this earth? What if before we are born and assigned bodies, all our souls stand up in a line in heaven, and as we get ready to come down, an angel gives us a little slip of paper that says what we have to do? Only the message is written in a language that we forget how to speak as soon as we get down here. But the message on that little piece of paper is still deep inside us, and our job is to remember, to recollect it, and then go about doing what it says.” –D.Q. in The Last Summer of the Death Warriors

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Trends:  Mono-Tasking and Hyper-Filtering

"YMs are consciously taking time to self-soothe (a classic coping mechanism from hyper-stimulation) disconnect, de-stress, de-stimulate and control inputs. They 'mono-task' and focus on immersive hands-on activities like baking, sewing or crafting."