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"Are we, in our efforts to avoid serving up boredom, inadvertently training kids to be passive consumers of well-marketed religious experiences rather than active pursuers of the untamed God of the universe?  ...Maybe the healthiest thing we can do to equip young people with durable faith is to create more boring ministries.  --Mark DeVries, Group, July/August 2012

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 How Much Can You Disagree Theologically With Your Church and Still Work There?

"Unfortunately, the topic usually comes up only after a youth pastor is already at a job at a church, either because the leadership of the church changes or because the youth pastor fails to ask some important questions regarding the views of the church he's about to serve at. In addition, I don't think it's all that uncommon for a young youth pastor to take a position at a church and only later discover that he holds some theological views that differ from the leadership of the church."