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"How does it make you feel to consider that aspiring artists are looking to you and your bandmates as mentors of sorts?” His answer was, “mentors… hmmm…I always go back to 6th grade when I think about my heroes. I grew up with surf posters hanging on my walls: Curren, Slater, Occy. I watched them on TV, read about them in surfer mags, and breathed them in–every turn,every logo, every smile. Have they impacted the way I live my life today? A little, but they’re mostly just a piece of the past. But there is another type of mentor–one that stays with you. I’d like to be this type.You see, I’ve never had a picture of C.S. Lewis or my ninth grade history teacher or my dad hung up on my wall, but these men have had a significant impact on the way I live today.”   –Jon Foreman of Switchfoot,

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"Recently, I spent some time thinking about all that God accomplishes in an instant, at the moment of conversion, and what He continues to work to its ultimate completion in the day we see Him in glory (Phil 1:6). The result was a list of 75 amazing works of God."