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“I have often tried to explain the idea of God as a very unsafe and wild being. What about love is safe? What about love communicates that it only likes to exist in places where comfort reigns? The love I put my hope in is wild and unpredictable. It is a love that shines into darkness. It is a light that makes itself known in the dark night of the soul and in the midst of suffering. It goes places I would never be caught in. It is in the brothel and the leper colony. It finds its way into the hearts of convicts and hardened pastors. So why would anyone ever presume that we, the body of Christ, the conduits of this love, would only be able to exist within the walls of our comfortable churches?I would even contend that if it were not for God coming into places where these Christian people think are inappropriate, they themselves might not know Christ or redemption and salvation!”  –Dan Haseltine of Jars of Clay,

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School Prayer Doesn't Need a Comeback

"Though I understand it’s pleasant for some to hearken back to a day when a tight-bunned teacher led children through a crisp Pledge and a Prayer (no matter what her heart, mind or soul actually believed) as somehow holier, better, safer, they weren’t. Schools with teacher-led prayer refused to admit black children. Schools with teacher-led prayer burnt to the ground. Students were still bullied. They still had sex, got abortions, and got high. Homes were still broken. Kids were still confused and frightened by their sexuality. Even back then. Even with all that prayer."