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“Christianity spreads best not through force but through fascination.”  –Shane Claiborne, Becoming the Answers to Our Prayers

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How Science Can Improve Your Sermon

"Instead, as you plan your worship services and your sermons, carefully consider whether each of the individual elements enhance or distract from the central message of the morning. For example, use illustrative pictures in your PowerPoint presentations instead of words. Your congregation won't have to choose between reading and listening to you. Add sensory elements such as scents (incense anyone?) or sounds. Use different colors and images every week of a sermon series to visually reinforce your messages."

WF Lifestyle Quote

 "You did not make the iPhone. When the iPhone was being dreamed up, you were in kindergarten. You use the iPhone. And when you post a picture of your vacation, it doesn’t make you a genius, it makes Steve Jobs a genius. Steve Jobs is dead. And he died when he was your parent’s age. You’re alive. He can’t create something new, but you can. The ball is in your court. --Donald Miller    

Youth Ministry's Family Blind Spot

"Churches can no longer assume that students already recognize the value of the family, or that they know how to serve one another even in very basic ways. Alongside our efforts to inspire young people to do 'big things' for Christ, we need to teach them to uphold 'boring' things like the vital gift of hospitality. If it's not taught in their own homes, how are they going to learn about possibly the best way to interact with the lost and with fellow believers?"

WF Lifestyle Quote

"I would like to think that when I pronounce the benediction at the end of our services, I am sending dangerous people back into their natural habitats to wreak havoc on the enemy." --Mark Batterson, Neue Quarterly, Issue 01

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8-Year Old Chef Taking Pastry World by Storm

"Taylor just turned 8 years old and she’s already a celebrated chef. She won the KISS Country Midtown Miami Cornbread Competition, beating other trained chefs in the area.  Before she knew it, orders started pouring in."