WF Creation Care Stat

Before it was cool to be green, we at Wild Frontier have been encouraging youth workers to at least put a Creation Care stat on their websites or newsletters to help connect faith to this important issue with teens.

Statistically the United States recycles just about 28% of its waste today, which is double what it was a decade ago.  –

For more Creation Care thinking…

Ottomate - Developed by a 17-year old.

Ottomate’s smart technology allows it to learn the habits of each member of your household and control your home’s electricity accordingly.  The  technology is so intuitive it adjusts how it automates your home as your family’s routines and schedules change. When the devices in your home are turned off, they are still consuming electricity.  Basically, if something is plugged in, it’s draining power—even if you’re not using it (think microwave, printer, we can go on and on).  Ottomate doesn’t just turn your devices off, it cuts power entirely—this greatly reduces your home’s energy consumption, and can lower your electrical bill by as much as 50% each month. And it can be operated from your smartphone.