WF Creation Care Stat

Before it was cool to be green, we at Wild Frontier have been encouraging youth workers to at least put a Creation Care stat on their websites or newsletters to help connect faith to this important issue with teens.

Rich and Poor--The Question that Wrecked Us Both

“'Do you remember when I led you into the slum in Kenya five years ago for the first time and you were angry at God?” Yes, I remember. I will never forget that day.

"As I followed the raw sewage coursing its way into the heart of hell, I shook my fist at Heaven and asked: 'God, how can you allow this?'

'That’s how I feel today, she said. God how can you allow this? (as she is looking at American mansions)

"How can you allow so much wealth when there are so many poor?

"How do you explain something you don’t understand? How do you explain something you’re guilty of?"