WF Creation Care Stat

Before it was cool to be green, we at Wild Frontier have been encouraging youth workers to at least put a Creation Care stat on their websites or newsletters to help connect faith to this important issue with teens.

3 Plastics to Avoid

1.  Plastic No. 3 - Found in condiment bottles, teething rings, toys, shower curtains, window cleaner and detergent bottles, shampoo bottles, cooking oil bottles, clear food packaging, wire jacketing, medical equipment, siding, windows and piping, No. 3 plastics are at risk of releasing toxic breakdown products like phthalates into food and drinks.

2.  Plastic No. 6 - Or styrofoam.  The most difficult plastic to recycle.

3.  Plastic No. 7 - found in baby bottles, three- and five-gallon water bottles, 'bullet-proof' materials, sunglasses, DVDs, iPod and computer cases, signs and displays, certain food containers and nylon. Some of the resins in this plastic are toxic.  (, 2012)

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