WF Creation Care Stat

Before it was cool to be green, we at Wild Frontier have been encouraging youth workers to at least put a Creation Care stat on their websites or newsletters to help connect faith to this important issue with teens.

Patagonia, which makes high-end outdoor apparel, believes in the value of consuming less and reusing more. For Black Friday 2013, they showed a documentary in the stores called "Worn Wear," that tells the stories of customers who have re-used and repaired clothing instead of buying more. For that same Black Friday instead of big clothing sales, they sold a $29 sewing kit to be used to fix old clothes. That was not the first time Patagonia has encouraged customers to not purchase new clothes. They once ran a full-page ad in The New York Times that told readers, “Don’t buy this jacket” so that they could reduce their environmental footprint. (

More Creation Care thinking…

G-Star Raw - Denim made from recycled plastic.