Wild Frontier is a mindset.  It is a mindset that there is something more out there than what is normal.  It is a mindset of following God's leading to more of what God has for you in ministry, particularly youth ministry.

This is the compilation from 30-years of youth ministry experience.  These are the best practices we have found to shape the faith of teenagers so they can live a faith that moves them to something more than normal.

WF YM: Youth Strive For Challenge, So Challenge

The increased popularity of extreme sports is one proof of this true desire for a challenge. Extreme sports is all about the challenge. Another proof is the increase enrollment in AP and IB education programs. Some youth want more challenging curriculum so they feel challenged in their education. Their education means more than seat warming for something that is easy for them. They will take a C in an AP or IB class over an easy A in a regular class.

Be sure in your youth ministry to set the challenge of what a life of faith is which is a challenge. You will be growing true disciples and teaching new converts the true way of faith. The challenge will be respected no matter what their personal decisions are. And remember, youth ministry is part of a lifelong journey. The challenge you set will go with them throughout their lives even if they don’t decide to follow those few short years you have with them.

WF YM: Initiate Involvement with the School

As Steven McFarland, former executive director of the Christian Legal Society’s Center for Law and Religious Freedom said, “I’ve had a lot of calls about how to get by the schoolhouse gate in order to share their faith, or get kids to come to a Friday night concert, or have an assembly where we sneak the gospel in at the end. But in nine years I have never had a single call from a pastor, a youth minister or a parachurch ministry asking me what the First Amendment will allow them to do to help their local public school.” (Joseph Loonte, “Bullet Proofing Our Schools…With Faith,” Citizen, April 2000). Ponder that one in your prayer time for a while.

Two ideas you can borrow: Your church is a public facility with walls, roof, bathroom and seating capacity. Just like you can use your building for community events, the community can use your building. One specific use that many schools, particularly middle schools, could benefit from your church building is your “auditorium” and sound system.

WF YM: Using the Five Senses

Creating memories and experiences for your teens is one of our favorite practices for youth ministry. Experiencing just so happens to use our senses so we believe the more the senses used in youth ministry the better. Purposely incorporate as many of the five senses you can into your youth ministry experiences.

The sense creative teachers most often use is sight.  We lean on our Powerpoints and video clips because they are simply effective.  However, using the other senses have the possibility to be even more effective.

Do you know which sense is the most effective for learning retention?  Smell.  Not an easy one to incorporate into teachings but the fruit can be big.  Move outside of normal and purposely incorporate as many of the senses you can.